Dr. Michele Fry


Dr. Michele Fry


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Masters degree in counseling. Doctorate in Behavioral Health Management with a specialization in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


Licensed Professional Counselor, licensed by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapist Board.


Dr. Fry is skilled in many areas and is certified as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. She can help you succeed and enjoy each day even with the challenges it may present by looking at your physiological and mental responses. Dr. Fry is also skilled with foster and adoption issues, corporate stress, and spiritual concerns. She practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but also incorporates Mindfulness strategies to help bring balance to your thoughts and emotions.

Personal statement:

We are our genes and biology, but we are also our choices and environment. I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but I also incorporate Mindfulness training to help bring balance to your thoughts and perspectives. When you understand how you function and respond biologically, mentally, and spiritually, you can create new ways of perceiving the world. Research has shown that physical health and mental health work together. I like to go even deeper and explore your spiritual health. Mind, body, and spirit are all part of what makes you who you are with purpose.

If you have not seen a counselor before, I will take time to explain the process and develop a plan with goals that meet your needs. Therapy is having someone help you heal from negative thought processes and experiences that have hindered your personal growth. You can enjoy life and be content in all things making changes where necessary. You matter and are worth it!

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