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Online Therapy FAQ

What is online counseling?

Online counseling (also known as online therapy, e-therapy, or telehealth) is a traditional therapy session, completed on your phone, tablet, or computer. Your therapist will provide you with a link to a secure, HIPAA-compliant site, where you will be able to see and talk to your therapist in a real-time format.

I worry that I wont be able to connect with my therapist if we’re not in person.  Is this accurate?

If you’ve thought this, you’re not alone! However, the majority of our clients find that after moving past any initial fears or concerns, an online therapy format flows quite well and still allows for the building of a secure, healthy, and therapeutic environment between client and therapist.

Can I pick my own therapist?

As you browse through our therapists page, you’ll see profiles and biographies for nearly all of our therapists. We put those there with the intention of your being able to read through them and pick out therapists you feel you might fit well with. Unsure of who to pick? One of our intake specialists and take your info and link you with someone well-suited to meet your needs and availability.

How do I get started?

Call our office at 800.642.4560 or click here to get started with online counseling. Simply indicate you are looking for online counseling. You will then be matched with a therapist who will be reaching out to you very soon to get started!

What is an online session like?

Your therapist will provide you with a link to a secure video chat service that is free and easy to connect to. In reality, it's not very different than a FaceTime video chat. Just find a quiet, comfortable place in your home and engage with your therapist just like you would in person.

How much does it cost?

Online counseling is the same cost as in-person counseling and can be billed through insurance, just as your regular sessions. There is no extra cost to do online counseling.

Will my insurance cover online counseling?

Yes! Nearly all insurances are now covering tele-mental health (online counseling) in the same way that they would a traditional session. In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, the government has made these services even more accessible to clients from all insurances and locales. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 800.642.4560.