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Christian Mixon


Christian Mixon


Online, Beachwood


800-642-4560 x884


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Master’s of Science in Social Administration from the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University (May 2021).


Licensed Social Worker by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapist Board.


I have worked with youth, teens, and adults in the city of Cleveland serving as a lead cabin counselor for Camp George Forbes. Some of the responsibilities included planning, mentoring, and advocating for youth & families. I have spent time as a case manager and resource specialist for the Harvard Community Services Center, assisting families with supportive and community resources. Additionally, my time working as a licensed school social work trainee for BEECHBROOK has developed my skill set further by working with youth to ensure their mental health needs.

Personal statement:

God has given us a purpose, a vision, and a mission! As someone who has experienced adversities, I have used my own experiences to empower, and strengthen others. I will admit I do not know everything. I say this because you know your story better than I. If you allow me access to know your story, we can grow together. I acknowledge that trust is an important part in any relationship to develop so do not trust me until I have earned it. My hope is that through partnership, engagement, patience, love, understanding, respect, kindness, and teamwork we can work towards healing and self-empowerment. Regardless of faith, religion, background, or culture, your story matters and I am here to serve.
-Matthew 20:28

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