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Audrey Farris


Audrey Farris




800-642-4560 x837



Masters degree from Roberts Wesleyan College.


Licensed Independent Social worker, licensed by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board.


While providing integrated counseling services within the healthcare context over the last 8 years, Audrey has helped many clients build resilience in the face of adversity. Her professional experience has focused on women’s issues, adjustment to illness, depression, anxiety/stress management, grief/ loss, healthy relationships/boundaries, life transitions, personal growth, spirituality issues, work/life balance, trauma resiliency, and creating patient-centered and trauma-informed systems of care. She is currently working toward certification in Brené Brown’s Daring WayTM model to more fully integrate this experiential method into her counseling practice.

Personal statement:

Each of us carries a story. Our stories are deep and personal, filled with unique trials and triumphs. The inner narratives we write about our own stories have the power to influence whether we thrive or just nearly survive. It is my hope that together we can create a treatment environment that is safe, genuine and fosters healing and growth. I believe in hope and healing, and I have experienced these blessings in my counseling practice and in my own life. My goal is to make that hope and healing accessible to you through clinical practice that aligns with a foundation of faith and is deeply rooted in evidence-based practice.

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