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David Hargrave


David Hargrave


Online, Wooster


800-642-4560 x880


This therapist is supervised by Frank Yost, LISW-S.


Bachelor of Science in Social Work, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Licensed Social Worker, Counselor Trainee


Group Home Teaching Parent, Director of Spiritual Development, Residential and School-based Case Management (CPST), Director School-based Mentoring, Program Supervisor, Residential Therapist (at-risk youth), Bereavement Counseling Professional (Ohio's Hospice LifeCare) with youth, individuals, couples, and families, LOSS team member (through NAMI), CIT Trainer (through NAMI of Wayne and Holmes County.

Personal statement:

We have all experienced brokenness on some level at points in our lives. These experiences can interfere with our functioning and block growth and potential. Through counseling we can improve our lives and the situations we sometimes find ourselves in. "I believe that healthy human relationships are humanities highest achievement!" Counseling and the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor is a powerful tool to utilize to move towards positive change.

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