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Esther Neuman


Esther Neuman




800-642-4560 x889


This therapist is supervised by Gizelle Jones, LISW-S.


Master's degree in Social Work from Cleveland State University.


Licensed Social Worker, licensed by the Ohio Counselor and Social Work Board


Esther has some experience working with children in school-based counseling, and has recently transitioned to a private practice setting to provide valuable support to adolescents and adults seeking treatment. Esther is passionate about addressing the diverse needs of the clients she serves. Utilizing a strengths-based and cognitive behavioral approach, Esther works closely with individuals to effectively navigate challenges related to anxiety and depression, facilitate healing from past traumas, enhance self-esteem, improve conflict resolution skills, and manage anger. Through a personalized and empathetic approach, Esther creates a safe and supportive environment where adults and adolescents can actively engage in their mental health journey and achieve their therapeutic goals.

Personal statement:

In my work with clients, I perceive the therapeutic relationship as a sacred space built on trust, attunement, and collaboration. My foremost intention is to instill hope and create an environment where clients feel open, cared for, and warmly supported. I want them to know that I am fully present and committed to journeying alongside them, honoring their unique experiences. Through my interactions with clients, I have learned invaluable lessons, witnessing their remarkable courage, passion, wisdom, and unwavering dedication. It is their profound contributions that serve as the very foundations of effective therapy, shaping my approach and fueling my commitment to their well-being. In my heart, I wholeheartedly embrace the power of therapy as a safe and nurturing space where individuals can heal wounds, find solace, and discover newfound perspectives that illuminate their path to personal growth.

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