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Jim Cato


Jim Cato


Online, Beachwood, Medina, Northwest Schools


800-642-4560 x882


This therapist is supervised by Lauren Clark, LISW-S.


Jim was a Cleveland graduate all the way through his education. Jim was a graduate of St. Ignatius High School in 2011. Jim then pursued and obtained his undergrad from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor's of Communication in 2017. For graduate school, Jim continued at Cleveland State University obtaining a Master's of Social Work in 2021.


Licensed Social Worker by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board.


Jim's professional experience began with an internship for his first year of grad school in 2019-20 at McIntyre Center, working with people that suffer from Substance Abuse Disorders and Mental Health conditions. For his second year of grad school in 2020-21, he then interned with Cuyahoga County Probation. During this period through early 2022, Jim worked at New Directions (a residential facility for adolescents with Mental Health & Substance Abuse issues). During this time, he worked as a Treatment Specialist, before being promoted to therapist. In this time, he was able serve both residential and outpatient clients, experiencing, seeing, and assisting multiple clients. Jim has been with Hope Behavioral Health since January 2022, serving multiple populations through Northeast Ohio at the Beachwood, Medina, and Northwest Schools offices. He not only is able to assist with mental health and substance use issues, but also was recently certified to assess for Autism, but is able to help with different techniques such as Existential Analysis. Jim is able to bring different experiences to provide a humanistic and client centered therapy experience.

Personal statement:

I personally believe that everyone is capable of changing their lives for the better. I believe that in order to change, you have to recognize that changes starts within you. The relationship with yourself is the most important. I aim to assist clients with increasing their relationship with themselves, in order to see the light of change within their hearts.

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