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Marcina Sims


Marcina Sims


Online, Beachwood


800-642-4560 x831



Bachelors Degree from Kent State University, a Master of Business Administration Degree from Tiffin University, and a Certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist.


Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


As a Grief Recovery Specialist, I have been able to facilitate a grief support group with high school students and the Baldwin Wallace Upward Bound Program as the Female Life Skills Instructor. I specialize in providing both 1-on-1 and group sessions facilitating Grief Recovery. I also have previous experience as a client advocate at a mobile pregnancy center, where I was able to speak directly with clients on tough topics and help guide them through making real life changing and difficult decisions. I have experience working with the Department of Children & Family Services and the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts. I am a part of Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland Class 35, which is a grassroots program for community leaders.

Personal statement:

Society has taught us to COVER up our normal and natural responses to loss. This can cause you to think/feel like something is wrong with you. But, the truth is that you may not have the accurate information in which you need to GRIEVE and COMPLETE the losses that have occurred in your life. I know from personal experience how impactful the Grief Recovery Method is, which is why I became a Certified Specialist. My mission in life is to help individuals heal and break generational cycles.

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