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Hope Behavioral Health is excited to partner with Northwest Schools in offering counseling services to students.

Feeling stressed or anxious?
Addicted to social media?
Not fitting in with friends?

Parents, maybe you've noticed this in your child?

Schools years can be very difficult times.  Life's pressures can lead you down a dark and lonely path.  But we can help you start a new journey where you can find relief, joy, and confidence.


You. Are. Not. Alone.  And parents, you are not alone either.

We have successfully helped other parents and students, all struggling with similar issues.

Getting started is really easy.

Answer a few questions. We will reach out within two business days to review affordable costs and match you with a counselor based on your area of need.


Then get started with our counselors who are staffed within the schools.

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We have over 35 therapists ready to help!