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Online counseling: is it for me?

Online counseling Hope Behavioral Health
Online counseling

Would you be surprised to know that online therapy has recently been shown to be as effective, if not more effective, than face to face therapy (see source below)? Honestly, until I started using it, I would have been equally as surprised. What I, along with many other therapists have found is that online therapy offers a great deal of freedom to many of our clients. Whether you have considered it previously or not, chances are you are being forced to give it a closer look during this time of quarantine.

What we find most is this - many clients are very hesitant to complete their first session online. After the first session, however, we hear things like “I can’t believe how easy this was!” or “I don’t think I’ll ever be back in your office now that we have this tool!”, etc. I have tried to compile some of the many benefits of online therapy below:

· Accessible from your home! All you need is a comfortable, private space with reliable internet connection. Want to wear your favorite slippers and have a cup of coffee while we talk? You are more than welcome!

· Individuals who might be opposed to coming to a therapy office, or who have very busy schedules benefit from the ease of being able to complete a session from home – it’s one less stop to make in an already busy day.

· it has been found that online therapy is preferred by those who are uncomfortable talking face to face with someone about their problems

· Online counselling may also be effective in eliminating social stigma associated with receiving therapy, as clients do not need to come into the office

· Ohio law mandates two modes of communication (audio and video), which still allows for the transfer of social ques, facial expressions, voice tone, body language and eye contact.

· Stuck at home in the snow? Feeling a bit under the weather? There is now no need to miss your appointment, and it can easily be scheduled online.

What are the cons? There can certainly be times of internet outages, or glitches with technology. We understand this will happen and your therapist will be ready to help you find a resolution. The reality is that online therapy isn’t the best fit for everyone – you and your therapist will be able to best assess this based on your level of need, goals, etc. There has never been a better time than now to give it a try!

If you have more questions about online therapy, see our online therapy page, or feel free to give us a call (800.642.4560, option 0) or send us an email ( We’d be happy to help answer any questions you might have!

Lauren Clark

Associate Clinical Director

Hope Behavioral Health

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