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Where are the promises of Psalm 23?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Learn how to parent through pain and grief

Journeying with parents who experience the death of their infant is a divine assignment. You walk with them in their deepest valley of pain. Where they no longer feel the anointing of their head with oil or their cup overflowing. They wrestle with the green pastures that have rotted and withered with no sign of life. There is no water to be still. It is dry and bare.

At their table sit their enemies’: pain, grief, anger, denial, and bargaining. They sit tall as though they were personally invited to torture them before the Lord. They ask you, “where is the Shepherd, where has He gone, why has He gone? Is He aware of my location in the valley?” The cords of death are wrapped around them. They cry, “where is the house in which I am to dwell?” They are sure no goodness or mercy will have their rear guard.

As a soul care therapist, you walk with them and you hold the oil to anoint their head. You sit at the table with them as they wrestle with their enemies. You comfort them and you celebrate the sanctity of their child’s life with them. You sit in their valley and hear the plans they had for their child. You bring the still waters for their thirst and quench their dry lands. Your presence reminds them they are not alone. You become their rear guard to ensure them that goodness and mercy are still available to them.

Please take time to watch what so often is kept in silence—the ache of parents’ hearts who have experienced the death of a child. So often others dare not look into their eyes after such a loss. We at Hope Behavioral Health are united with our community to be the essence of Psalms 23 to them when they are blinded by pain. Join us in being Good Samaritans to these parents and families, encouraging them to reach out for the care they deserve.


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